OPTUS Class Action Suit

Cogent Legal is interested in instigating a Representative Proceeding (Class Action) in the Federal Court of Australia against Optus for the 2022 data breach.

Today the principal of the firm – Murphy Hawkins – received this text from Optus:


“This is not okay, this is not good enough and the costs of making changes to protect my identity should not fall to me.”

Murphy Hawkins

IF YOU have also been impacted by this event and wish to consider being a part of a class action lawsuit against Optus for their part in your data being openly provided to strangers, then please fill out the below and we will contact you.


    Given the number of enquiries, we must at this first stage limit any Optus questions to a submission through this page and not through our main telephone system.

    As the claim is begun, however, we will dedicate a telephone line and staff for that purpose.