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If you have felt frustration with your current law firm over their comprehension of your situation, excruciating delays for their assistance and high prices that do not seem to justify the work done; try a more COGENT approach.

Cogent Legal will provide you with tailored advice for your situation and instructions. We work with both business and individuals in a variety of legal areas, however, if we are not a good solution for you, we will quickly let you know and recommend you to someone who is.

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Our Practise Areas

Family Law

Relationships in both De Facto and Marriage may change and, in time, break down.

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Construction and Building Law

Reviewing your contractual obligations as a builder or home owner, risk management issues and warranty claims.

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Commercial, Employment and Franchise Law

Helping you develop and manage your business plan so you can handle business, employment, risks and compliance. Guiding you through franchising or licensing a business opportunity.

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Property, Leasing & Conveyancing

Getting you in or out of that property smoothly, be it your new home, shop or office

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Intellectual Property & Brand Protection

Ensuring your intellectual property and your business is protected

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Litigation and Debt Recovery

Solving your legal problems before they get to be a battle. Getting you access to the money you are entitled to.

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What Our Clients Say

‘Highly recommended to anyone seeking legal advice. Extremely good service and great results!’

D. Petrovic, Commercial Dispute