Property Law

Property Law covers a broad range of transaction and advice dealing with ‘real’ property and personal property, like the land right under your feet.

We can help with:

  • Residential & Commercial conveyancing
  • Retail & Commercial leasing
  • Stamp duty exemption applications
  • Complex family transfers, including separation and divorce proceedings
  • Retail and commercial lease disputes
  • Building and contract disputes
  • Adverse Possession and Fencing disputes
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Owners Corporation issues
  • Notices of default

Commercial and Retail Leasing

Leases are an essential part of any business that requires a premise to operate. The team at Cogent Legal are here to assist you with drafting, reviewing, negotiating retail or commercial leases, as well as advice for new businesses that are considering a retail or commercial lease. We can help you identify any risks to your business and explain any unclear contract terms, your rights and responsibilities and come to the best commercial agreement for your business. Let us help you get into the location of your dreams.

We can help you with: 

  • Drafting a lease agreement
  • Review of lease and disclosure statement
  • Negotiating a lease
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease assignment and transfer
  • Exercise of options
  • Surrenders of lease
  • Dispute Resolution


We know buying or selling a property can be stressful. The process is a complex one, with many boxes needing to be ticked correctly to enjoy a smooth and legally binding sale. We take care of these boxes for you so you can relax knowing the legal aspects of the sale are safe and secure.

When buying or selling a property, you are entering into a legal contract. These contracts are complex and subject to constantly changing laws and regulations. Entering into agreements without meeting the correct legal requirements can be dangerous—it places your money and your assets in danger. We clarify the legal aspects of your sale, review all your documents and provide legal advice to help keep your assets safe.

Fixed Fee Services

The last thing you need after settlement is to be surprised with out-of-pocket expenses. That’s why we give you professional service for a fixed fee. Our fee includes the time we spend on your settlement. That means you’ll get the best service, the best quality and the best price. Our team is available to you 

We can help with:

  • Review of Preparation of Contracts of Sale and s32 Statements
  • Due Diligence Searches
  • Conveyancing & Settlement
  • eConveyancing