Are you considering becoming a franchise?

Making the transition to a company that is a franchise requires thoughtful consideration. There are benefits to growing your business by becoming a franchisor, however, these should outweigh the costs and regulatory compliance of being a franchise.

Cogent Legal can assist you in navigating the complexity and requirements under the Franchising Code of Conduct such as preparation of your Franchise Agreement, Disclosure Statements and assistance with the commercial or retail leases for the new franchises. We will help ensure that you are complaint with the law in the establishment of your franchise and assist you with any issues, negotiation or litigation from a franchisee.

Franchise agreements

Deleted: A franchise agreement must be provided to a potential franchisee at least 14 days before they sign it. While there are rules as to what this agreement must contain, there are several ways a franchise agreement may be drafted depending on the level of control you wish to exert over a franchise and the factors you feel are important to get the business model right for all concerned.

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Ongoing assistance

Deleted: As you grow, we will also assist you with the management of the franchisees and their subsequent contract renewals or conclusions.


Even the best intentions of a Franchisor may sometimes result in a Franchisee engaging in litigation. If you have a Franchisee that has sent a letter of demand or has initiated proceedings against you, contact our office for immediate advice.

See more on Litigation here.

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