If you have a matter or case in VCAT – the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, contact us to discuss your mattter.  Please have the relevant details ready when you call such as:

  • Notice of Hearing from VCAT;
  • Particulars or Points of Claim in VCAT that you received from an Applicant to VCAT;
  • any specialist or engineering reports that calculates damage;
  • residential or commercial lease;
  • Power of Attorney or Guardianship;
  • contract for the construction of your new home; or
  • any other materials in defence or support of a claim in VCAT.

Cogent Legal’s solicitors have demonstrated success in appearing for clients in VCAT and understand the many areas that VCAT has original jurisdiction such as a Domestic Building Dispute as under the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 (Vic).

Example – Domestic Contract Dispute – Acting for the homeowner

For example, if Cogent Legal acts for a homeowner who seeks to avoid or cancel a contract due to the repudiation a contract by the Builder who is unable to complete a project as contracted we would:

  • request a copy of the building contract to review;
  • review the contract, review any expert evidence as to damages and review the summary of the matter as provided by our client before the meeting;
  • meet with out client to interactively discuss the situation and clearly understand the timeline and evidence; and
  • provide advice to our client before the end of the meeting as to causes of action and next steps.

VCAT hears many types of matters. Contact Cogent Legal to discuss:

  • Domestic Home Building Disputes
  • Power of Attorney and Guardianship
  • Professional Negligence and Misconduct – including Legal Professional Negligence
  • Forced sale of co-owned land
  • Unreasonable flow of water between properties
  • Retail, Commercial and Residential Lease disputes
  • Applications in the Human Rights List
  • Planning and Environment Applications
  • Owners Corporations
  • Contracts for Goods and Services
  • Review of Administrative Decisions

City council did not attend their VCAT Hearing.

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City council did not attend their VCAT Hearing.

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