Docklands Commercial Lawyers  –  Lawyer and Solicitors for your Business located in the Melbourne CBD or Docklands Victoria

As one of our two head Law Offices is located in Docklands Victoria, all of the shops, restaurants and businesses of Docklands surround us.  We are in the Aquavista Building on Docklands Drive where a tram stops right in front of our building. Melbourne CBD and Docklands businesses and commercial clients are important to Cogent Legal Lawyers; that is why we opened an office near to you.

We are always askes what areas of law do we act. Commercial Law may be thought of as anything a business could be or is involved in.  This might be LeasingEmployment Law, Licensing and Franchise matters as well as Trademark and Product Design (Consumer Law) questions. It is breach of contract, debt collection, Property sales or disputes, Construction Disputes, and much more.  We began acting in Family Law a few years ago with Paula Appelhans on our team.

If you are a looking for a Docklands solicitor or lawyer or business law firm, then provide your details and we will give you an immediate call.

We will keep the call to 5 minutes and you will have a definitive path forward before the call ends.